Corporate Governance &
Committee Charters

Corporate Standards

Corvus is committed to complying with all laws and governmental regulations applicable to its activities, and, specifically, to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and conducting its activities in full compliance with all environmental laws.

Social or Environmental Policies

Corvus has created a Sustainable Development Committee (SDC) which will primarily monitor, review and provide oversight with respect to Corvus’ policies, standards, accountabilities and programs relative to health, safety, community relations and environmental-related matters.  Further, the SDC will advise the Board and make recommendations for the board’s consideration regarding health, safety, community relations and environmental-related issues.  In particular, the SDC will consider and advise the board with respect to current standards of sustainable development for projects and activities such as those of Corvus, particularly with a view to ensuring that Corvus’ business is run in a manner, and its projects are operated and developed, so as to achieve the ideals and reflect the following principles of sustainable development:

  1. living within environmental limits;
  2. ensuring a strong, healthy and just society;
  3. achieving a sustainable economy;
  4. using sound science responsibly; and
  5. promoting good governance.

Community Relations

Although not set out in a specific policy, Corvus intends to be a positive influence in the local communities where its mineral projects will be located, not only by contributing to the welfare of such communities through donations of money and supplies, as appropriate, but also through hiring local workers to assist in ongoing exploration programs. 

Corvus considers that building and maintaining strong relationships with such communities will be fundamental to its ability to continue to operate in such regions and to assist in the eventual development (if any) of mining operations in such regions, and it attaches considerable importance to commencing and fostering them from the beginning of its involvement in any particular area.


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